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CJA eVoucher Information

General Overview

CJA eVoucher is the Court's electronic CJA voucher system.  It provides for the creation, submission and tracking of all CJA related vouchers submitted to the court.  As of July 20, 2015, the court will only create and process CJA vouchers through this system and paper vouchers will not longer be created, distributed or accepted*. 

Manuals and Procedures

If you have questions not covered by one of these guides, try our CJA Frequently Asked Questions page. 


eVoucher Attorney User Manual
First Login to eVoucher
Creating a CJA 20 Voucher
New CJA Panel Member Registration


eVoucher ELMs (Electronic Learning Modules)

Introduction to CJA eVoucher

Creating a New CJA-20/30 Voucher

CJA Expert Services and Authorizations