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The Honorable Stephan M. Vidmar

United States Magistrate Judge

Chambers Information

United States District Court
100 N. Church Street, Suite 510
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88001



Chambers Email:

Inquiries regarding civil cases may be directed to chambers.  However, inquiries regarding criminal cases should be directed to Judge Vidmar's Courtroom Deputy at 575-528-1414.

Proposed orders on unopposed motions in CIVIL cases should be emailed to:

Proposed orders in CRIMINAL cases should be emailed to:

For additional contact information, see


Requirements for Proposed Orders in CIVIL cases:

Local Rule 7.2 requires proposed orders for unopposed motions. Proposed orders should evidence the agreement of all parties, in the form of signature blocks at the bottom on the proposed order. Accordingly, the attorney drafting the proposed order should note his/her approval on the proposed order by indicating "submitted by" above his/her signature block. Approval of other attorneys should be noted by indicating the manner and date of approval above the attorney's signature block (e.g., "electronically approved on [date]"). Proposed orders should be submitted in a formate compatible with Microsoft Word to

Dress Code

Keys to a Successful Mediation, by Judge James Hall

Additional Information

Use of the Federal Bar Association WiFi during court proceedings is authorized by The Honorable Stephan M. Vidmar.