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District Court Streaming Services - Video Streaming

 Video Streaming

Access Instructions

  1. Contact the Intake Staff to obtain login credentials specific to your hearing. 
  2. To access the video for a hearing, click the link for the presiding judge and enter the credentials provided to you.  Please note that the Login and Password provided are case sensitive!

U.S. Circuit Judges U.S. District Judges U.S. Magistrate Judges
Judge Bobby R. Baldock Chief Judge William P. Johnson Chief Judge Gregory B. Wormuth
Judge Joel M. Carson Judge James O. Browning Judge Laura Fashing
Judge Paul J. Kelly, Jr. Judge Kenneth J. Gonzales Judge Gregory J. Fouratt
  Judge Kea W. Riggs Judge Kirtan Khalsa
Visiting Judges Judge Margaret I. Strickland  
Visiting Judge A Judge David H. Urias Judge Jerry H. Ritter
Visiting Judge B   Judge John F. Robbenhaar
Visiting Judge C    
  Senior U.S. District Judges Judge Steven C. Yarbrough
  Judge Robert C. Brack  
  Judge Judith C. Herrera  
  Judge Martha Vazquez  
    Recalled and Part-time U.S. Magistrate Judges
    Judge B. Paul Briones
    Judge Barbara Smith Evans
    Judge Karen B. Molzen

NOTE:  Each hearing is limited to a number of simultaneous streaming users. If you are denied access to a courtroom and have confirmed the user name and password are correct, the streaming session may be at the maximum number of users.