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CJA General Information

General Overview

Welcome to the Court's CJA general information page.


If you have questions not covered by one of these guides, try our CJA Frequently Asked Questions page.


Fact Witness Voucher (DOJ Form OBD-3)
Bench and Bar Fund Reimbursement Form

Old NM CJA Forms


All vouchers must be submitted through Court's CJA eVoucher Application.  Vouchers submitted in any other form other than through CJA eVoucher will be rejected, including those submitted in paper or submitted directly  to chambers.

Vouchers shall be submitted no later than 45 days after the final disposition of the case, unless good cause is shown (230.13, CJA Guidelines).

Application to become a CJA Panel Attorney

Complete and submit an application for membership to the Criminal Justice Act Panel.  The membership review process can take from six to eight weeks. Please contact the Federal Public Defender for further information on becoming a member (505) 346-2489.