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Filing Information

Beginning December 21, 2020, with version 1.6 of CM/ECF, the functionality that inspects and validates PDFs being submitted for filing has been updated to prevent malformed documents or documents containing code which may cause an external action from being filed.  For more information and guidance on the new PDF document valdiation criterion, please visit our CM/ECF PDF Validation page.


CM/ECF is the court's online case management and electronic case filing application.  It enables participating attorneys and litigants to submit documents electronically to the court and allows the court to file, maintain, and retrieve case file information.  CM/ECF filing is mandatory for attorneys.  You can directly access CM/ECF by adding to your bookmarks/favorites.


PACER is a fee-based public access service that allows users to obtain case and docket information online from federal appellate, district, and bankruptcy courts.  PACER accounts are issued by the PACER Service Center at  A PACER account is valid in any federal appellate, district or bankruptcy court.


All viewers and filers will need their own individual PACER account.  Utilizing a Central Sign-on (CSO) paradigm, filers are granted filing privileges (through admissions or other establish process) for each court in which they practice.  Filers with existing accounts will link their previous CM/ECF filing accounts to their upgraded PACER acount.

Manuals and Procedures

If you have questions not covered by one of these guides, try our CM/ECF Frequently Asked Questions page.