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Court Reporters and Transcriptions

Transcripts of Proceedings

To obtain a transcript of a court proceeding, arrangements should be made with the court reporter present at the hearing. You may obtain this information by reviewing the clerk's minutes for the specific hearing.

To obtain a transcript of an audio recorded hearing, contact a certified transcriber/transcription service or court reporter and provide the following information:

  • Case Number
  • Case Caption
  • Hearing Judge
  • Hearing Date
  • Type of Hearing
  • Hearing Courtroom
  • Deadline

Requesters may contact any certified transcription service or court reporter for this purpose. The Court cannot refer or recommend any specific transcription service or vendor.  For a list of certified transcribers/transcription services and court reporters, we suggest you make an appropriate online search through a common search engine.

The court reporter or transcription service you select will contact the Clerk's Office.  The Clerk's Office, in turn, will make the requested hearing available to the court reporter or transcriber/transcription service.  Payment is made by the requesting party directly to the court reporter or transcriber.

Forms, Guides and Instructions

Transcript Request Form (Appeals) [pdf] [doc] (with instructions) when ordering transcripts for appeals to the Tenth Circuit.

Transcript Order form (AO-435) (with instructions)

CD/Tape Order form (AO-436) (with instructions)

Maximum Transcript Rates

Maximum Transcript Rates for transcripts ordered on or before September 30, 2007

Realtime Policy Revision Notice

Instructions For Transcription Vendors Doing Business with U.S. District Court, District of New Mexico.


Information regarding transcripts of hearings transcribed by a court reporter can be obtained by calling the court reporter directly, or by contacting the court at 505-348-2000. For convenience, the following is a list of the court reporters and their contact information.

Court Reporters

Danna Schutte-Everett
Judge: Gonzales
Phone: 575-528-1656

Jennifer Bean
Judges: Browning, Black
Phone: 505-348-2283

Julie Goehl
Judge: Riggs
Phone: 505-348-2209

Mary Loughran
Judge: Johnson
Phone: 505-348-2334

Paul Baca
Judge: Herrera
Phone: 505-348-2390

Carmela McAlister
Judge: Vázquez
Phone: 505-992-3829

Vanessa Alyce
Judge: Brack
Phone: 575-528-1430

Email questions to

For transcripts from court reporters no longer employed at the court, judges not listed, or for any other questions regarding transcripts, please contact the court at 505-348-2000.

(Note: the most recent court reporter to have left court employment is John De La Rosa, who was assigned to Judge Parker and Judge Hansen.  For transcripts of hearings reported by Mr. De La Rosa, please call him directly at 505-280-8895.)

Information regarding the digital audio recorded transcripts or the court file can be obtained by calling the Records Section of the Clerk's Office at 505-348-2020.

FPD and CJA Attorneys

CJA Attorneys: You must complete an Auth-24 through CJA eVoucher and submit it to the court. The court will review and, if accepted,  will approve production of the transcript under CJA.  Once the transcript is completed, the court reporter or transcriptionist will submit a CJA-24 voucher through CJA eVoucher which will require your review. You must complete this review timely to ensure the court reporter or transcriptionist can be paid timely.  If the transcript is for an appeal, you must also file a Transcript Request Form (pdf or doc) with both the District of New Mexico and the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Federal Public Defenders: Please submit an Authorization for Transcript form to the appropriate court reporter or transcriptionist.  If the transcript is for an appeal, you must also file a Transcript Request Form (pdf or doc).

To obtain a copy of a digital file for a purpose other than creation of the official transcript, contact the Records Section of the Clerk's Office at 505-348-2020; the cost, regardless of the medium, is outlined in the current Schedule of Fees. CJA attorneys and government agencies may obtain tapes or CDs at no cost.