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Please select a judge from the list to access specific jury and court instructions, chambers' forms and staff contacts. For instructions on submitting proposed orders and other documents related to Las Cruces visiting judge matters, please click here.

U.S. Circuit Judges
Judge Bobby R. Baldock (BRB) [R]
Judge Joel M. Carson [R]
Judge Harris L Hartz (HLH) [A]
Judge Paul J. Kelly, Jr. (PJK) [SF]

U.S. District Judges
Chief Judge WIlliam P. Johnson (WJ) [A]
Judge James O. Browning (JB) [A]
Judge Kenneth J. Gonzales (KG) [LC]
Judge Kea W. Riggs (KWR) [A]
Judge Margaret I. Strickland (MIS) [LC]
Judge David Herrera Urias (DHU) [A]
Judge Matthew L. Garcia (MLG) [A]

Senior U.S. District Judges

Visiting U.S. District Judges
Chief Judge Scott W. Skavdahl (SWS)
Judge Nancy D. Freudenthal (NDF)
Las Cruces Visiting Judges (VJ1) [LC]

U.S. Magistrate Judges
Chief Judge Gregory B. Wormuth (GBW) [LC]
Judge Laura Fashing (LF) [A]
Judge Gregory J. Fouratt (GJF) [LC]
Judge Kirtan Khalsa (KK) [A]
Judge Damian L. Martinez (DLM) [LC]
Judge Jerry H. Ritter (JHR) [LC]
Judge John F. Robbenhaar (JFR) [A]
Judge Jennifer M. Rozzoni (JMR) [A]
Judge Kevin R. Sweazea (KRS) [LC]
Judge Steven C. Yarbrough (SCY) [A]

Visiting U.S. Magistrate Judges
Chief Judge Mark L. Carman (MLC)
Judge Kelly H. Rankin (KHR)

Recalled and Part-Time U.S. Magistrate Judges
Judge B. Paul Briones (BPB) [F]
Judge Barbara Smith Evans (BSE) [R]
Judge Karen B. Molzen (KBM) [A]

Designated Location: [A] Albuquerque, [F] Farmington, [LC] Las Cruces, [R] Roswell, [SF] Santa Fe

Judicial Ethics and Conduct Information

Codes of Conduct (United States Courts)
Judges and judiciary employees have codes of conduct designed to preserve the integrity and independence of the judicial process.  These documents and related policies are available on the main United States Courts web site.

Judicial Misconduct or Disability Complaints (Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals)
The Tenth Circuit maintains guidelines, rules and a form for complaints regarding the behavior of federal judges.

Privately Funded Seminars Disclosure (United States Courts)
Judges and program providers are required to disclose financial and programmatic information about judges' participation in certain education programs.