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CJA Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get help with eVoucher?

    Contact the FPD CJA Help Desk via email: Emails are monitored by FPD staff and will be responded to promptly. For more urgent matters you can call the FPD general phone line. This number is 505-346-2489.

  • My voucher has been approved but I have not received payment?

    Payments are generated by the Administrative Office of the Courts 4 business days after approval of the voucher. First please verify that your profile information in eVoucher is accurate. The Administrative Office of the Courts requires the local court to wait 30 days before beginning the process of re-issuing a lost payment. Please contact the FPD CJA Help Desk via email at if 30 days has lapsed without receipt of your payment.

  • How does a new Panel member get access to eVoucher?

    To gain access to the eVoucher program, the Clerk’s Office requires three forms completed and signed

    1. CJA eVoucher Registration form
    2. CJA Attorney Data form
    3. IRS W9 form

    These are available for printing through the NM District Court Website here: CJA Panel Registration

  • How does a service provider get login access to eVoucher?

    This is completed by the requesting attorney within eVoucher. Once the request is approved, the service provider receives an email with their user name and a link to log into eVoucher. Once logged in, the service provider must set up their profile, including billing info (Tax ID or SSN). This must be completed before an attorney can submit a service provider invoice for payment.

  • How do I update my information in eVoucher, such as password or email address?

    Profile updates must be completed by the attorney or service provider. Navigate to the “my profile” link in eVoucher where you may edit either your personal information or your login/password information.
    Please note: Passwords expire every 6 months for security reasons. Upon login, eVoucher will prompt users to change their password 10 days prior to password expiration. If the password is not reset, it will expire. You will then need to use the “forgot my login” link to reset your password. Click the link and enter your username or email. You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset you password.

  • Why does eVoucher automatically log me out?

    After a 90 minute period of inactivity, eVoucher will time out the user. eVoucher recognizes “action” items (i.e. hitting the “Save” button) as activity, so it is good practice to save your work often to prevent loss of data due to a session time out.

  • I lost data even after I hit the "Save" button. What happened?

    The probable cause is an outdated web browser. Make sure your version is compatible with eVoucher. On Windows, use Internet Explorer 8 or newer. On Apple devices, use Safari 5 or newer. If your web browser is updated, you should also verify the browser cache settings. On your browser menu bar, select “Tools” and then select “Internet Options.” From the “General” tab in the “Browsing history” section, click on the “Settings” button. Check the “every time I visit the webpage” radial button.
    To reduce data loss, please also avoid using your browser’s “back” button. Use the navigation buttons within eVoucher for best results.

  • How can I find out how much has been billed on a case?

    The easiest way to get this information is to run the “Defendant Summary Budget Report” or the “Defendant Detail Budget Report”. This will show the approved budgeted amount, pending amounts, approved payments and the budgeted amount remaining.
    Note: As the CJA 26 is for compensation only, any expense values listed will not reduce the “amount remaining” value.

  • Can a service provider submit their invoice for payment in eVoucher?

    No, service providers have “read only” accounts in eVoucher. The invoice must be provided to the attorney for eVoucher submission. The attorney submits the CJA21, acting as the service provider, and then approves the voucher in their capacity as the attorney.

  • My service provider is not available when selecting from the drop down list?

    A service provider must be registered with the “service type” selected to appear in the drop down box. If you wish to submit a service provider for approval, please follow the steps listed on page 37 of the CJA Attorney User Manual. Once approved, the service provider will receive an email with their user name and a link to log into eVoucher and to set up their profile including billing info (Tax ID or SSN). This is required before the attorney can submit the service provider’s invoice for payment.

  • My service provider has been approved by the Court but when submitting a CJA 21/31 voucher I get the error message "You cannot submit a voucher for a service provider who has not been approved by the Court." What is causing this error?

    When the service provider’s eVoucher account is approved by the Court, they will receive an email from FPD with their user name and a link to access the eVoucher system. The service provider must set up their user profile including their “Billing Information” (Tax ID or SSN). Until the service provider completes this step, the attorney will be unable to submit the CJA21/31 to the Court for payment.

  • I have added a service provider but still cannot see them on the service provider drop down list?

    Please verify you have selected the correct “service type” for that provider.
    Please note: eVoucher will not allow a newly submitted service provider to be added to an existing CJA 21/31 you have created and saved. The CJA 21/31 must be deleted and re-created to enable the new service provider to be selectable on the drop down list.

  • I submittd a voucher but it has reappeared in "My Active Vouchers" highlighted yellow. What does that mean?

    This means that the voucher has been rejected by FPD staff. Counsel will receive an auto-generated email with an explanation. The reason for rejection can also be found in the “Notes” section of the Confirmation page.

  • How does an attorney make a correction to a CJA 20/21 that has already been submitted?

    Once a voucher has been submitted to the Court, you have “read only” access. You must email FPD at to request the voucher be rejected back to you for editing.

  • Why can't I edit a CJA 21/31 that has been rejected back to me?

    To edit a CJA21/31 voucher, the attorney must navigate to the confirmation page of the rejected voucher, and reject the voucher again (This is the equivalent of the attorney sending the voucher back to the service provider for them to edit). Once rejected, the attorney will be able to make any necessary revisions to the voucher on behalf of the service provider.

  • A Law Clerk did work as both a Law Clerk and Paralegal but provided only one invoice. How do I enter this information under Services on the CJA 21/31?

    Two line entries are required. Enter one line for hours billed at the Law Clerk rate, and a second line for hours billed at the Paralegal rate. Make sure to complete the description with “Please see attached invoice.”

  • What do these date related error message mean? "The date of this voucher is before the Appointment Date." "Service and/or Expenses are out of the Voucher Start and End Dates."

    eVoucher automatically inserts the current date in the start and end dates on the claim status screen when creating a voucher. Change the start date to the beginning of the period for which you are seeking compensation. This date is the earliest date for which claims can be submitted. The end date should be the final date on which expenses relative to the appointment were incurred. To resolve the errors above, verify that claims on the services and expenses sections do not fall outside of the date range on the claim status page.

  • May I print my vouchers prior to submitting them to the court for payment?

    Yes, you can print each page separately. You can also save the voucher to your desktop as a PDF document by clicking on “Form CJA 20” on the left hand side of your screen when in a Voucher.

  • My representation will exceed the compensation maximum. What do I do?

    Once counsel determines that the cost of legal representation will exceed the statutory maximum, a CJA 26 to exceed the maximum amount must be filed within eVoucher.
    A copy of the CJA 26 must be attached to every single voucher submitted for payment.

  • I have obtained the service of an expert and the fees are more than $800.00. What should I do?

    Expert claims in excess of $800.00 require prior approval by the presiding Judicial Officer via an AUTH in eVoucher.
    A copy of the AUTH must be attached to every single voucher submitted for payment.

  • How do I get reimbursed for out of pocket expenses?

    Counsel and service providers may be reimbursed for any out of pocket expenses reasonably incurred. These are reported under the expenses tab within eVoucher, and must be supported with receipts and/or logs if the expense is in excess of $50.00. Please see the NM CJA Information Manual under the expenses section for guidance on reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses.
    Please note: All travel expenses must include legible itemized receipts attached to the voucher regardless of amount. Credit card slips or statements are not acceptable. A Travel AUTH must be approved in eVoucher for reimbursement of both air travel and overnight stays (and related travel expenses).

  • How does an attorney or service provider know when an AUTH request has been approved?

    The email address listed in the eVoucher profile will receive an auto-generated notification. The approved voucher will also now be shown in the “Closed Documents” section of eVoucher when you next log in.

  • I have an approved AUTH, but the service provider is no longer available. Can I use a different service provider than the one indicated on the AUTH?

    The AUTH is valid for the “service type” selected. So long as the new service provider you select is of the same service type and rate approved on the original AUTH, you may submit a CJA 21 voucher referencing the existing AUTH.

  • The AUTH that is approved is no longer going to be sufficient to cover the service provider fees. How do I resolve this in eVoucher?

    Any time you expect to exceed the AUTH approved amount, you must submit an additional AUTH for the service required. You should instruct your service provider to provide a first invoice up to the original AUTH amount, and a second invoice for the additional AUTH amount.

  • When creating an AUTH24, how do I indicate who the court reporter or transcriptionist will be?

    The Court requires the attorney to indicate in the AUTH24 which court reporter or transcriptionist will be transcribing the hearing(s). The court reporter or transcriptionists name should be added to the "Public/Attorney Notes" field on the Confirmation screen of the AUTH24. If you are requesting multiple hearings involving multiple court reporters and/or transcriptionists, please list all of them.