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District Court Streaming Services

 General Information

These procedures are subject to change; this page will be updated accordingly.

The Judicial Conference of the United States recently approved a change to its broadcast policy to permit judges presiding over civil and bankruptcy cases to provide the public live audio access to non-trial proceedings that do not involve witness testimony.  The new policy, effective September 22, 2023, does not extend to criminal proceedings. Courts have already discontinued use of virtual criminal proceedings, except as otherwise authorized.

NOTE:  The revision does not affect a judge’s ability to allow parties and counsel to appear remotely by teleconference and videoconference. 


Access Instructions

Contact the appropriate Courtroom Deputy (CRD) at the number below if you have questions about whether access will be granted for a given proceeding and to request credentials if streaming is available.

Albuquerque Las Cruces Santa Fe
Johnson 505-348-2333 Gonzales 575-528-1646 Vazquez 505-992-3826
Browning 505-348-2289 Strickland 575-528-1683    
Riggs 505-348-2356 Brack 575-528-1408 All Other Inquiries
Urias 505-348-2247 Wormuth 575-528-1411 Albuquerque 505-348-2000
Garcia 505-348-2383 Fouratt 575-528-1400 Las Cruces 575-528-1400
Herrera 505-348-2071 Sweazea 575-528-1401 Santa Fe 505-988-6481
Yarbrough 505-348-2053 Ritter 575-528-1414    
Khalsa 505-348-2037 Martinez 575-528-1436    
Fashing 505-348-2071        
Robbenhaar 505-348-2059        
Rozzoni 505-348-2021        


Once you have obtained your credentials, click the link below for the type of access requested, then follow the instructions to access your hearing.

 Audio Streaming

 Video Streaming


NOTE:  There is a limit on the number of users that can simultaneously stream from our service. If you are denied access to your hearing and have confirmed the user name and password are correct, the hearing may be at the maximum number of users.