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District Court Streaming Services

 General Information

These procedures are subject to change; this page will be updated accordingly.

Access Instructions

  1. On the day of the public hearing you wish to access, contact the Clerk's Office at the appropriate courthouse to obtain login credentials. 
    • If you are uncertain which courtroom or which judge will be presiding over your hearing, the staff can assist you with that information, too!
    • Please note that passwords expire nightly so you must call the day of the hearing.

Albuquerque  ⇒  (505) 348-2000

Las Cruces  ⇒  (575) 528-1400

Santa Fe  ⇒  (505) 988-6481

Roswell  ⇒  (575) 637-7960

  1. Staff will confirm that the requested hearing is a public hearing, verify the hearing details (judge, location, type of access), and provide the appropriate login credentials.
  2. Click the appropriate link below for the type of access requested, then follow the instructions to access your hearing.

 Audio Streaming

 Video Streaming


NOTE:  There is a limit on the number of users that can simultaneously stream from our service. If you are denied access to your hearing and have confirmed the user name and password are correct, the hearing may be at the maximum number of users.