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CM/ECF Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is NextGen CM/ECF?

    NextGen CM/ECF is the Next Generation of CM/ECF. For more information, please review the NextGen Information page. An upgraded, individual PACER account is now required and you will use your PACER credentials to access CM/ECF.

  • What is my CM/ECF password?

    For security purposes, Clerk's Office staff cannot see a user's password once an account has been created.  If you don't know your login name or no longer have access to the primary email address on the account, contact CM/ECF Support. 

  • How do I add secondary email addresses to my account?

    Adding secondary email addresses is explained in the Utilities Feature section of the Attorney User Manual.

  • Why am I unable to view a document I know has been filed?

    The document was likely filed with a restriction applied.  In order to view the filing, provided you have access rights to it, login to CM/ECF.

  • I filed a document but forgot to include its attachment/exhibit. What should I do?

    File the attachment or exhibit as a separate document using the event, Appendix/Supplement.  That event is found on the Civil menu under Other Filings, Other Documents.  During the filing process, link the attachment or exhibit to its relevant document.  For example, a Civil Cover Sheet would be linked to the Complaint or Notice of Removal. 

  • I received an error message saying my document exceeds the allowable size. What should I do?

    Divide the document into logical segments and file each segment as an attachment to the main document.  Additional information can be found in the Administrative Procedures Manual.   

  • I made a mistake and want to delete or edit my filing. How can I do this?

    Once a document is filed, corrections to the docket text only may be made only by Clerk's Office staff.  If corrections are needed, contact CM/ECF Support via phone (505-348-2075) or by email ( as soon as the error is discovered.  Do not refile your document unless otherwise ordered by the Court.  

  • Which event should I use to file an answer to a complaint removed from state court to federal court?

    Use the ‘Answer to Complaint (Notice of Removal)’ event located on the Civil menu under Initial Pleadings and Service, Other Answers. 

  • I recently moved to a new office. Will my login name and password stay the same?

    Yes, your login credentials will stay the same.  However, you should change your PACER password if it was given to staff in your former office.  Also, pursuant to D.N.M.LR-Civ. 83.6, attorneys have a continuing duty to notify the Clerk of any change in firm name, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, facsimile numbers, or electronic addresses.  Guidance for updating account information can be found in the Attorney User Manual

  • Why can't I efile after logging in?

    If Civil and Criminal are not shown in the menu bar at the top of the page, you may have not linked your CM/ECF account to your PACER account. To link your accounts, please visit our NextGen Information page for instructions.

  • I am searching for information about a court case. Can I do this online?

    Case information and documents can be viewed online using PACER; information about obtaining a PACER account can be found on the PACER website (and is accessible here by clicking on this link)

    If you'd rather not obtain a PACER account, case information and documents can be viewed online using the public terminals at the Clerk's Offices located in the Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Las Cruces federal courthouses.  The public terminals are available Monday through Friday (excluding federal holidays) during business hours.  There is no charge to search and view case information; a per page fee is charged for printing.

  • When I receive a Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) via email and click on the link, I am not able to view the document. What should I do?

    This may be an indication that the document you are trying to access is a restricted document. If the document is restricted, only the attorney of record may view the PDF document by logging into their CM/ECF account. The document will then be available for viewing. Also, the first time a filing is accessed it is free; subsequent ‘looks’ will incur charges and will redirect the user automatically to PACER. If the attorney is still unable to view the document when logged into CM/ECF and has not already ‘looked’ at the filing, please contact the CM/ECF Help Desk 505-348-2075.