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Summons for Jury Service Information

Summons for Jury Service

If you received a Summons for Jury Service, you have been scheduled to appear for a jury selection. You must report at the date and time as indicated on your Summons for Jury Service. The courthouse location you are to report to is also indicated on your Summons for Jury Service.

Jury Information Line

You must call the Jury Information Line after 9:00 AM the day before you are required to appear. Listen for any potential changes to your reporting instructions. Changes may include a change in the time or date you are required to appear, or cancellation of your appearance. When prompted, enter your juror participant number and follow the instructions given. If you do not call the jury service line and appear when the trial has been cancelled, you will not be paid for appearing. If the number is busy, keep trying. The recorded service works on weekends and holidays.

Juror Payment and Reimbursement

  • You will receive an attendance fee of $50.00 per day plus mileage at the rate of $0.58 per mile round trip. Federal government employees are not entitled to an attendance fee unless in non-pay status during all or part of their jury service. The mileage rate is subject to change.
  • Jurors are required to report their round trip mileage at their first appearance.
  • If you live 70 miles or more from the location you are reporting to and you choose to spend the night before selection and/or during the trial if selected, you will be paid a subsistence fee.
  • Trial will typically begin immediately following selection. If you live 70 miles or more from the location you are reporting to, you have the option to spend the night. Should you be selected to service, and you choose to spend the night during the length of the trial, please be prepared with an overnight bag (enough for 3-4 nights) and all necessities.

Juror Assistance

To alleviate the burden on jurors financially unprepared to stay the night, the Clerk’s Office is prepared to do the following:

  • Reserve a hotel room for jurors eligible to stay overnight. The room charge will be billed directly to the Clerk’s Office. Please call the Jury Division at 505-348-2070 two (2) business days prior to travelling if you need hotel accommodations.
  • Make funds available for emergency advancements, if necessary, on selection day.

Courthouse Locations and Parking

There are five (5) courthouses in the District of New Mexico. When summoned, the Summons for Jury Service and the Juror Information Line will indicate which United States Courthouse you need to report to. For court locations and maps, click here.

Do not park at a street meter when reporting for jury service. You will not have time to leave the courthouse to pay meter charges and the Clerk's Office is not responsible for any parking violations. Information on specific parking locations will be provided in your Summons for Jury Service. You may also access this information on the Frequently Asked Questions page.


Unless you receive notice from this Court granting a requested temporary excuse, or the Clerk’s Office notifies you in writing of by phone to report at a different time or date, you must attend as directed in your Summons for Jury Service. Failure to obey the Summons may result in your being held in contempt of court, and you may be fined $1,000 and/or imprisoned three (3) days for non-compliance.