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Submitting Proposed Orders and Other Text/Documents

General Procedures

As outlined in the CM/ECF Administrative Procedures Manual, proposed orders should not be filed or submitted to the Clerk or Chambers unless otherwise required by the judge.

  • When proposed orders are required by the assigned judge, the proposed orders should be submitted via email to the judge who is to sign the order. (Email addresses and chambers-specific requirements for formatting proposed orders are available below)
  • The proposed order text should be submitted either in the body of the email message or attached in a compatible word processing format document. The filer should NOT submit the proposed text in PDF format.
  • The subject line of the email must include all of the following:
    • the case number,
    • the judge's initials,
    • the docket number of the corresponding motion, and
    • a very brief description of the proposed document. (Example: 06cv01234, MV, 10, Order Dismissing)
  • The document itself should be similarly named to convey the same information (Example: 06cv01234_MV_10_Order_Dismissing.rtf)

The following is a list of documents that may need to be both e-filed and submitted using the procedures listed above. If you have questions regarding these specific documents, please check with assigned judge for clarification.

  • Proposed Pretrial Order
  • Proposed Findings of Fact
  • Proposed Jury Instructions
  • Proposed Voir Dire

Email Addresses

For all criminal matters held before Magistrate Judges, unless otherwise directed, please submit your proposed text to the email address for the location where the matter is being adjudicated:

For criminal matters designated VJ1 (assigned to a Visiting Judge in Las Cruces):

For all other judges and matters, the following email addresses should be used.  Please review each judge's respective web page for specific instructions and formatting options (clicking on the judge's name will take you directly to the judge's page).